Food Sensitivity

Tricks to help you Avoid Food Sensitivities

There are many factors that affect what you eat. Whether you forget to cook at home and are forced to order food, or if you have not had the time to go food shopping and are running out of ingredients to make your meals, you may run into situations where it might be tough to avoid your food intolerances.


In these cases, these three tips might come in handy:


Read Labels Diligently


Although it may seem obvious, reading the labels on foods you buy is one of the easiest ways to ensure you don’t consume foods that you are intolerant to. It’s easy to read the large print information on packages and throw foods in your basket, but the important items tend to be smaller and on the back. For example, potato chips tend to contain tomatoes, but that is an ingredient that often goes unnoticed. How can you find it? Read the label!


Ask Questions


When you go out to eat, whether at a sit-down or fast food restaurant, you aren’t always in the know of all ingredients used for cooking, and menus don’t always include all the ingredients present in your dish. So, how do you ensure you eat the right foods? Ask your waiter or attendant what’s in the meal. You may think the staff won’t be happy to help, but your health is important and, working in the food industry, it is common knowledge that consumers have interests in how their food is prepared. So ask away!


Prepare, Prepare, Prepare


One of the best ways to ensure you only eat the right foods is to cook all your meals yourself. Yes, this might sound time-consuming, but a healthy lifestyle requires your time and effort. Instead of cooking on a daily basis, you can work on preparing meals ahead of time during your days off. Separate your meals in portioned containers, freeze them, and grab them as you go on a daily basis. This way it will seem less like a chore and won’t be a daily hassle.


This is also great for times when you are traveling, as you can bring your own meals and maintain full control over your diet. Not only that, but preparing your own meals can help you save money as well!


Remember, even a slight amount of any food you are intolerant to can cause negative symptoms. So it’s important to stay on top of your diet and keep a close eye on what you eat on a daily basis.