Food Sensitivity

The Basics of an Elimination Diet

There are multiple ways to work towards discovering your food sensitivities. Some are more popular than others, and some are very new but effective. In this post, we’ll discuss the basics of the elimination diet method.


What is an elimination diet?


Elimination diets are based around foods you believe are causing you a problem. You keep track of these foods by keeping a journal, noting down what you’ve eaten and any reactions your body may have had.

Once you have created a list of these foods that you believe are causing problems, you can then begin the elimination diet by removing all these foods from your daily meals. explains the steps in more detail, giving you strong advice and guidance. You can find the link to their article in the references below. To provide some information, we’ll cover the basics:

Once you’ve eliminated the foods from your diets, recommends allowing your body to adjust for about two weeks. This will ensure that all traces of the foods are gone and won’t be affecting you in any way.

After the two weeks, begin introducing the foods back into your diet one by one. Because food sensitivity symptoms are often delayed up to 48 hours, allow a period of three days minimum as you reintroduce the foods. Give your body time to digest and process the foods so you won’t misdiagnose yourself.

If once you reintroduce a food, the symptoms do not come back, you are clear to introduce the next after a few days, as mentioned above. If, however, you reintroduce a food and the symptoms return, cut the food out again. Allow your body a few days to adjust again and then reintroduce another food. Keep a note of the food that caused your symptoms, as this can be labeled as one of the culprits.

Continue to introduce the other foods following the same steps, taking note of any foods that have caused negative reactions. You can then remove those permanently from your diet. Some nutritionists and other professionals often recommend attempting to reintroduce the foods after 6 months to see if your body’s reaction to it changes. You can feel free to try that, especially if you removed a food you really love!

For more information on elimination diets, feel free to review the article below: