Food Sensitivity

Controlling Mood Swings with Diet

Mood Swings Food Sensitivity

Mood swings are especially exhausting to deal with when you know the cause, never mind when you can’t figure out the reason why you’re emotional state keeps fluctuating. Seemingly random episodes of both depression and mania can severely affect your mental state and well-being.




  • Frequent Mood Changes
  • Anxiousness
  • Irritability
  • Stress


What Causes Mood Swings?


Rapid changes in mood can be attributed to stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, drugs, medications, or more serious underlying medical conditions.


Mild mood disorders might be able to be rectified with minor lifestyle changes, but more serious cases should seek medical treatment.


Food Sensitivities, Nutrition, and Mood Swings


At a very basic level, when dealing with a food sensitivity, your body is attacking food particles (through inflammation) that incorrectly entered the bloodstream. So instead of gaining the valuable minerals and vitamins from the foods you eat that stabilize your blood sugar, mood, and more, you’re actually operating at a deficiency.


By getting tested for hidden food sensitivities, you’re ensuring that everything you eat responds positively with your system, improving nutrient absorption and overall wellness.


Using a simple in-home blood test, you can find out exactly which foods are contributing to mood swings, inflammation, bloating, and other negative diet symptoms.