Food Sensitivity

Can You be Intolerant to Spices?

Yes! As with regular whole foods, it’s just as likely that you are intolerant to one of your commonly used kitchen spices.

In fact, it’s actually very easy to overlook spices when trying to identify food intolerances via an elimination diet. For example, if you eat something like cajun spiced chicken, you may attribute negative symptoms to the chicken itself before ever thinking it could be paprika or chili powder. That’s why it’s best to take a food intolerance test to identify for sure which ingredients do not agree with your body. Then, once you do identify the spices, you can simply clear your cabinet of them to make sure you never use them.

If you believe you may be intolerant to one of your favorite spices, why not get tested just to be sure? Taking a food intolerance test can help you diagnose and eliminate problem foods in your diet. Utilizing a simple finger-prick blood test, microarray technology can the difference between temporary and permanent food intolerances to identify the exact foods that your system is sensitive towards – all with just a few drops of blood.