Food Sensitivity

3 Easy Eating Strategies to Optimize Your Nutrition

Eating Optimally Food Sensitivity

Individualizing your nutrition may be the trick to optimizing your health. These 3 simple tricks will help you cover your bases and get your body on track and running smooth.


Eat A Colorful Plate


It’s a good rule of thumb that naturally colorful foods are typically packed with essential vitamins and nutrients. Eating a good mixture of colors at each meal also prevents you from packing your plate with fried or processed foods that are devoid of nutrients and color. Whole foods that are naturally red, green, purple or orange are usually the way to go.


Hydration Is Key


While plain water is not directly impacting your nutrient intake, it is certainly an important element. Keeping your body properly hydrated can help you flush toxins, make you feel fuller, and rejuvenate your skin.


Take A Food Intolerance/Sensitivity Test


By detecting these foods and eliminating them from your diet you may be able to reduce inflammation in the gut and reduce potentially food related negative symptoms like bloating, migraines, nausea and more.